Should my foot surgery have been filed on workmans comp?

Author Subject: Should my foot surgery have been filed on workmans comp?
Michael C. Posted At 21:10:23 06/17/2001
I've been a meter reader for the Pryor Municipality for over six years. Recently I have undergone three bone spur surgeries. I had a spur on each foot, between the fourth and fifth toe. I found it very strange that the spurs were in the exact location on each foot. It was obvious to my doctor that these spurs were a result of my flat-footedness and meter reading. My doctor reccomended that if meter reading was to continue I would need to wear custom orthotic shoes to prevent reocurrence.
Before the surgeries, when I approached my employer about the pain I was experiencing, I was ignored. I asked if workmans comp could help me on this one and his reply was "Good Luck". He didn't seem to know anything nor did he offer any solution. I decided to go ahead and have the surgeries without filing a comp claim.
I'm still having problems with my feet. I have developed tendonitis in my left ankle and chronically suffer from tired feet. The Municipality would not supply me with custom orthotics shoes. They are aware of my conditions and yet they have no problem demanding that I continue to read meters which my doctor informed me would inevitably lead to more spur reoccurences without custom orthotics. By the way, I'm still in my 20's. This shouldn't be happening to me.
easygoesit Re: Should my foot surgery have been filed on workmans comp? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 09:07:55 06/20/2001

When you post something here you should always let it be known what state you reside in...It will help those who post in here and are knowledgable about the laws (,and that's not me,)give you proper information based on your states laws...W/C injuries should always be filed immediately..Don't wait...Most attorneys will give you a free consultation...I'd contact one in your local area and see what they say...Good Luck to ya...easygoesit...

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