Why is it so great to take future medical ?

Author Subject: Why is it so great to take future medical ?
Mike Posted At 00:54:02 06/20/2001
Why is it so great to take future medical and not just get paid off if it is a fair offer?
On this board and others I have yet to hear anyone say anything good about it who has taken it. All I hear is PROBLEMS, PROBLEMS, and MORE PROBLEMS, NOTHING GOOD. Now that they have settled and no lawyer to help, the insurance company just F's them around all they want. Wouldn’t it be better to take the cash and finally be free and out from under the insurance company?
So far in the 2 1/2 years and 10 surgeries later I myself have had very little problems with the insurance company. The few small problems I have had were taken care of right away by my lawyer. I surly don't want any problems when I don't have a lawyer to help and not get the care or meds when I need them because the insurance company has nothing better to do but "F" around with my care.
Just my thoughts
easygoesit Re: Why is it so great to take future medical ? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 09:22:25 06/20/2001

Hi Mike,
I'm far from any kind of expert on the matter, but i can tell you this, i've seen case after case where soon after the settlement (without future medical) some ones condition would progress...Often times to the point of several surgeries or even the need for home health care...Often times these injured workers were without any private insurance soon after the settlement...To put it into perspective,it's a gamble,a roll of the dice...However, if the need arises you'll be glad you have it...Good luck to ya...easygoesit

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