officials cover up for Wal-mart. There reply is hogwash

Author Subject: officials cover up for Wal-mart. There reply is hogwash
Lisa Posted At 13:05:59 06/20/2001 Attention Wal-Mart workers: Please do not report injuries.

This below is another example of Oregon officials covering up for employers. Wal-mart workers need to throw this coverup back in officials faces. My email said >>> 06/04/01 12:52PM >>>
Shouldn't Oregon be investigating Wal-Mart. Why would they do these terrible tings in WA and not in Oregon?

Thank you in advance

Thank-you for your information and inquiry about Wal-Mart. I am the
administrator of the Oregon Workers' Compensation Division. We are aware of
the reports about Wal-Mart in Washington and other states. After learning
about these reports, we conducted a review of some Wal-Mart operations in
Oregon to determine if there was anything like this occurring. We have found no definate problems with claims filing or processing to this point. However, if you have knowledge of issues or know about violations of the Workers' Compensation Act, we would be interested in hearing about them. Please feel free to call me at the number below or to e-mail. Thank-you.

John Shilts, Administrator
Workers' Compensation Division
(503) 947-7500
Jack C Re: officials cover up for Wal-mart. There reply is hogwash (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 10:56:34 06/22/2001

Its not like this guy was hired to protect workers. Wal-Mart does it elsewhere but not in Oregon. Maybe this guy should thing about selling oceanfront property in Montana. It would be a step up in ethics.
Marty Re: officials cover up for Wal-mart. There reply is hogwash (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 23:25:10 06/22/2001

And to think they went after Italian-Americans in the early 1990s. The Mafia are a street gang compared to the political corruption by state officials.
watchdog Re: officials cover up for Wal-mart. There reply is hogwash (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 11:41:07 06/24/2001

Yes wal-mart does do these things in Oregon. Do some research.
Why would Oregon be any different that any other state.
Matt Re: officials cover up for Wal-mart. There reply is hogwash (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 20:51:24 06/26/2001

He was appointed by Neidig and worked for SAIF. Those arn't exactly credentials that would lead anyone to beleive he could be fair to workers. Heres what DCBS says

For immediate release:
May 3, 2000 For more information:
Steve Corson, 503-947-7868


(Salem) Oregon Department of Consumer & Business Services Director Mary Neidig has appointed John Shilts administrator of the DCBS Workers’ Compensation Division. Shilts fills a vacancy created when Governor Kitzhaber named Neidig director of DCBS in March. His appointment as administrator is effective May 3.

Shilts is currently manager of the WCD Benefits and Policy Services Section. In that role he leads the division’s efforts to ensure timely and appropriate delivery of benefits to injured workers and employers and provides policy development and analysis services for the department’s executive staff, the worker’s compensation Management /Labor Advisory Committee, and legislators.

Shilts joined the division in October 1997 after serving in progressively responsible leadership positions at SAIF Corporation for 13 years, including three years as the company’s director of risk management services. Before going to work at SAIF, Shilts was a vocational consultant with Industrial Counseling Services in Ashland. He holds a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling and a bachelor’s in psychology, both from San Diego State University.

“The quality of the workers’ compensation system has a tremendous impact both on individual workers and employers and on the overall economic climate in Oregon,” Neidig said. “John Shilts understands the system and the policy issues that shape it, and he has the skills to manage the system — and the division charged with regulating it — fairly and effectively.”

The Workers’ Compensation Division administers and enforces Oregon’s workers’ compensation law to ensure that employers provide coverage for their workers, that workers with occupational injuries or diseases receive the benefits to which they are entitled, and that all parties in the system have access to appropriate resources and procedures to resolve disputed claims. The division regulates various workers’ compensation-related service providers and the claims management processes of insurers and self-insured employers, and also manages programs that provide incentives to companies or organizations that employ or re-employ injured workers. The division’s 265 employees oversee 130 active private insurers, the SAIF Corporation, and 174 self-insured employers and groups.

In addition to workers’ compensation, DCBS regulates financial institutions, securities, building codes, occupational safety and health, insurance companies and agents, and real estate appraisers. It has consumer protection and education programs, and offices and ombudsmen to help consumers, injured workers and businesses.
Jeff Re: officials cover up for Wal-mart. There reply is hogwash (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 00:51:03 07/08/2001

What did you expect! Hell-Mart probably fills BWC's pocket to find nothing wrong!

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