How to fight workers compensation fraud by Insurances

Author Subject: How to fight workers compensation fraud by Insurances
Destined to win Posted At 03:00:33 06/21/2001
An eye for an eye and a leg and arm for the finger!

After dealing with Workers compensation fraud I found very effective way of winning big time.
After staged medical examinations and fraudulent medical diagnosis time to get even!

It rellay works.
Learn how to fight back! .... with workers Comp Fraud

1. Send thousand of E-mails from all over the world to defense (insurance) attorneys (use all friends around the world) to plug attorneys PCs so they can not communicate.

2. Send from your PC faxes at night so you will run their FAX machine paper out, and they will be unable to use FAX

3. Set your computer on auto dialer to call their office every 55 seconds, to keep their rexceptionist busy (auto program to dial PC such as line tester)

4. Make calls to FAX on Demand and order publications to their home phone number at night so the auto fax will dial them long distance every few minute trying to connect to their line. They will be unable to trace you, and their phone number will be soon disabled as they will not want to answer at night.

5. Find their cell number and order FAX on Demand calls to their cells, until they disconnect it.

6. Send daily motions to Labor Office so attorneys need to respond to object them!

Once attorneys FAX will be not functioning and they receive 1000 pages a night, phone will be disconnected and E-mail will be useless, they will be unable to function, and be late with their work.

I just have them resign from the case a week before the proceedings, as they missed all the "fun".

I just won the case by default!

They got finally tired.

TYhere is nothing they can do if you use your pc!


25 days a week with 1000 pages of FAX per day, and several hundred of e-mails a week did it!

good luck!

Fight BACK! get even!
Sam Re: How to fight workers compensation fraud by Insurances (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 11:45:25 06/21/2001

It's crazy people like this that give this website a bad name....
Old Timer Re: How to fight workers compensation fraud by Insurances (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 12:16:52 06/21/2001

What a horribly ineffective and fruitless waste of time. My time is too important to fritter away on hopeless, negative and inane stunts like this.

If you want to get even, go to your legislators, write your state insurance commissions, communicate in a positive manner to your local press and broadcast media and most of all, never, ever, pull tricks like the above mentioned ones because they only justify what the insurers and their hired-guns tell the public about us anyway.

I hope that "Destined . . ." can understand how sophmoric and immature his juvenile-delinquent tactics sound to everyone. Please get a life!
walt Re: How to fight workers compensation fraud by Insurances (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 06:18:55 07/18/2001

In religious affairs, to put the conscience of another upon the spit and roast it to a
nut-brown discomfort

What people call insincerity is simply a method by which we can multiply our

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