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Facts Posted At 03:23:59 06/21/2001
I believe they can have one examination per case, per year (vary from State to State).

When dealing with IME whores fight back.
Get tape recorder or VCR and record all the rtime what ever he said.

He will protest, so who cares!

First I walk in the office and told the receptionist that I have a visit with the richardhead. She ask what I said richardhead, and if she does not like it I can call him an con, quack, SOB or a$$hole.

The people who were waiting for his partner after hearing me .... cancelled the appointment and left the office. I gave them other better doctor address!

Do not speak to him nicely but yell at him all the time so others will be annoyed.

I do not care what he thinks as he will not want to see you next time.

When in doctor office puke on his floor and equipment as I did!

Piss in to his sink, or if none trash can.

Tell him you could not wait!

It works!

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