How much can a human being take

Author Subject: How much can a human being take
losing it all!!! Posted At 09:32:45 06/22/2001
In oregon how long can ins delay retraining? Can I cash out on retraining costs or is that even possible. ready to lose it all old occupation, prorerty, and family. Do they care....... NO
Marty Re: Oregon vocational retraining (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 10:38:55 06/22/2001

You need to put pressure on the insurance company. Theyre dragging this out so you will settle for 15-20 cents on the dollar. From what Ive heard and seen this is routine tactics by them. Call your state legislators and the ombudsman 1-800-927-1271 for help. File a compliant!! Raise a huge stink!! Call the media. I'm guessing your voc councellor works for the carrier. There are independents who although dependent on ins. company money are not as bad. I believe the FTP File Room at this site has a list of all voc people. You should switch if my suggestions above dont work. At the same time fight for real training and not community college or diploma mills like BCCI in Tigard.

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