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Marty Posted At 23:21:06 06/22/2001
I wish I could give you an estimate but every state works differently and each case is treated to some degree differently. It appears your doctor screwed you with the 15% but then many states rate this on movement capabilities of the affected body part(s) and not the actually physical damage. If something can't be fixed you get no rating for it in Oregon. They say this is because it could be fixed later one but then try to in a few years and you're s*it out of luck cause they'll fight it for years. In Oregon, 15% by the state sheet is somewhere around $6,000 in a one-time permanent disability payment, extremely pathetic. Your age to my knowledge (in Oregon) isnt factored in anywhere.

I don't understand the 70% figure you got. You either qualify for fully paid retraining or you don't, at least here in Oregon. It is 12 or 16 months (there was talk of two years) for a maximum of about $12-13,000 in schooling costs. Since it appears yours is a back injury, you should get the carrier to pay also for a orthopedic chair should you go to school. Don't let them off the hook with a cheap one. A good one that helps runs $400-500.

File for Social Security immediately. They usually deny the first one or two times but people who appeal almost always eventually get it. It can take 6-12 months altogether depending on the number of denials and how fast you appeal. Social Security will then pay you back to the date of your first request so do this now.

I hope this helps and p.s. never use all caps when typing. it's considered shouting.

Good luck and fight like hell. You got totally *ucked so far it appears. I dispise the system when it does this to good people especially the young with families.

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