Re: Florida-Injured Worker Can Sue Employer in Tort

Author Subject: Re: Florida-Injured Worker Can Sue Employer in Tort
Margaret Posted At 12:26:27 03/27/2000
Does anyone know if this is also true for the State of Tennessee??
I would like to go after the W/C Dr. for Negligence.
He totally ignored the obvious for the sake of the W/C Insurance.
He gets lots of W/C business.
I fell in our walk - in freezer at work.
I have a condition called RSD, Nerve Damage. I was in stage 1 when
I saw him, now at the end of stage 3. I had a broken piece of bone spur
in the top of my foot, he put off surgery for over 4 months, just kept
"scratching his head". I finally ended up at a Pain Management Dr,
who is a great guy by the way! He actually saw the piece of bone
sticking out of my foot. Thats the only way I ended up getting
the surgery. He raised enough hell that the Dr did the surgery.
I have been told & have read so many I would have to
pay back the W/C benifits I have recieved if I won a settlement from
this Dr. I am still off work, will be rated in about a month I think.
I will have long term problems from this. It is a shame that these Dr's
have forgotten their oath's for the sake of $$. ANy info will be appreciated.
If you know a way I can find out nay court cases showing this has helped
an injured employee please let me know. Thanks, Good Health to everyone!

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