JUST a TAD of INFO because it gets too deep this should open some EYES

Author Subject: JUST a TAD of INFO because it gets too deep this should open some EYES
Retired Posted At 21:09:47 06/23/2001
The very 1st thing that should be obvious to all(including you)workers. #1 the US-GOV
already know's, "Employers" will attempt to hire you back within the first 90 day's
If possible regaurdless even if your DEAD thats right. If they pull that off the next step is within a few weeks they will fire you so
that all future Compensation is null & void.$$$

P.S. Also once you HIRE A LAWYER (ANY LAWYER)you are saying a THIRD PARTY is @ fault.
so if their is no third party bag the lawyer, workers compansation will pay you only what they have to by law. The other thing. If you get hurt it better be a brand new piece of equipment & a third party responsability or your history on your claim in the eyes of workers compansation,& THE US/gov-JUDGE. They too want to recover their money...... they rate your % of injury thats it and kick you down the road if you can move BAG/IT...! CRY BABIES.........!!!! you will fight them tooth & nail & you lose...!

P.S. Now you have to remember, you cannot sue your Lawyer, or Employer.
Lawyers CANNOT be put under oath, so this is the # 1 reason-- why you will
never win. I will tell you this NO..! Judge will listen to you "PERIOD" No matter
what promises
were supposedly made by your lawyer or employer, you will always be the liar in the
you cannot sue the US-Goverment OR one of the most powerful persons in the
Employers BACK POCKET, ----- "THE" Judge......!!!!!!

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