Re: retraining? 1 year and waiting .........for what ?

Author Subject: Re: retraining? 1 year and waiting .........for what ?
Chris M Posted At 17:51:59 06/25/2001
There's advice at

You need to make it you full-time business to get this training started. What they are doing is routine. At this point if you try to settle, you'll be lucky if they offer you bus fare to the employment office in place of retraining.

I know of no law dictating how long they can drag this out but you definitely have a case for "bad faith." There will be a bill introduced next session to try to stop this BS.

Why don't you go to the next MLAC Meeting. There's a link in WIs main page under government. Prepare a statement and TESTIFY. Have 25 copies with you which is required. Help expose this insurance company fraud. When people get these things on the record, the insurance companies "all of a sudden" actually start acting like human beings.

Have you applied for Social Security Disability? Have you filed a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner? Have you contacted your state senator, house member, the media? Do all these things now.

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