Last Night I Saw McDonald's in Oregon City is taking Applications for Employment

Author Subject: Last Night I Saw McDonald's in Oregon City is taking Applications for Employment
Tarzan Posted At 20:30:52 06/25/2001
Sounds kind of rude, but it's closer to the truth than you might think.

Retraining will only give the insurance company more amunition. Everybody else finds work! Why not you, you are doing something to not find work.

1000 different contacts, 100-plus letters of thanks but no thanks. Who can count all the interviews on the phone, and in person. Try to start your own business, how much money have you made in the last 5 years, what's your minority status? Credit rating? Largest job completed? Workman's Comp, rating? Total of 3 years looking for work, finally went back to work with my tools on, either McDonalds or Starve, or see what happens. Following me around anyway, might as well give them something to take pictures of.

With time off for surgery, still only missed a week here and there on job search.

And the insurance company's lawyers say your only qualified to be an Estimator, and your seeking work as a Superintendent, Project Manager, Contractor, no wonder you can't find work.

The way I understand it, you can't refuse work, no matter if it's what you want to do or not. Can't refuse to work for someone who hires people who obviously work under the table, don't pay taxes or Worthless Comp. Doesn't matter if you can't stand being couped up in an office. Doesn't matter if you make less than half the wages, you made before. Working half again as many hours.

Said it before, Liz Johnston used to work for the State, gave me an example of all the people who went back to work. 384 different people, about half found work, about 5 people made about 20-dollars per hour, 20 or so, made about 15-dollars an hour, then it drops off really fast.

My question would be what happened to the other half, who found no work, did they go back to work with their tools on? Did they file for early disability? Which I was informed I am not eligible for.

fuller and radeckie, had me as good as I was going to get back in 98, it's all about Starvation Litigation! If they starve you long enough, then you will see things their way.

Unless you go to a real college, you'll never find work, they don't say they want 5 years of college, 5 years of experience for nothing. 5-7-15-months will not set you up to compete with the kids out of college.

Ever wonder how a guy can look for 3-years and not find work, and look for 3-weeks, as a carpenter, and go right to work? Anything to do with Experience?
Steve Re: Last Night I Saw McDonald's in Oregon City is taking Applications for Employment (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 14:28:55 06/27/2001

....same old tired story from Tarzan.

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