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William Hildebrandt Posted At 17:20:58 06/26/2001
You sound like me. I am a federal employee and have been one for 13 years.When I first started I worked on a heavy Nursing Home Care Unit. The 5 years of lifting, tugging and ect. Then I transfered to a surgical unit for 6 1/2 years, where there was more lifting, tugging and ect. We were also always working short of staff. At times we were made to work mandatory overtime due to the lack of staff. Several times we would work in acess of 60hrs a week. Last November I transferred to the psych ward. The workload is more mental and less physical(no real lifting and ect). This april, I was cleaning up our dayroom to get ready for enviromental rounds. I was told to straighten the chairs and put them back under the table and against the wall. As I was moving a chair I felt this sudden, excrutiating pain that went from my lower back, down my legs, and around to my left side. I couldn't stand up. Anyway I figured if I sat for a minute I would feel better. After about 15 minutes and 2 motrin I was still in pain. My supervisor told me to go to the Emergency Room. Two employees had to help me out to a car so one could drive me to the ER. To make a long story short, I have filed for workman's comp. I have been through X-rays, MRI's, Physical Thearapy, Drs. and ect. When I went to the Dr I told them it was work related, They took a copy of my health insurance
anyway. They billed my health insurance. When I called the Dept of Labor they said if my case is approved I would be reimbursed. Meanwhile my COP time has run out, they exhausted all my AL/SL, I am on LWOP status. Then I found out last week that there was a mistake and I had 1 week of COP time. I thought that was good, because my rent was due. It turns out I got a check alright, for $4.35. Four whole dollars!!! I called and they still haven't determined anything. The lady that is handling my case is never in her office. I get the good ole run around to people who don't know anything (so they say). Finally I talked to a guy that said he was under the lady handling my case and he was going to get something done. I am pending a mylogram(DR. said I need that before I can go back to work so they can decide if I need surgery). The guy at the Dept of Labor told me it was authorized last wednesday. I called the Dr office to confirm time and date. They told me to call back friday. When I called friday, they said a lady from the dep of labor called and said it was not authorized. When I called them they stated that they needed more info (I have sent every document I had, several times), what more I asked. Then I got the excuse that I gave them the wrong address, they had gotten an address that I lived at 13 yrs ago. I called my personel office and they confirmed that my address has been changed for 5 yrs in their system and didn't know how they got the wrong address. So now I am waiting. Then when I talked to someone yesterday June 25, the lady said can't you go back to work on limited duty. My Dr. are saying if I go back before having these test it will be against medical advice. My supervisor is telling me that they are on her case. They workman comp lady at my Dr office says if I go back, then I will be responsible for all the bills. I don't know what to do. And yesterday I got a letter from my home office telling me I had sufficient time to heal and I need to come back on light duty. Can anyone help me out? I was diagnosed with 2 bulging disc that are pressing on nerves and degenerated disc disease. Yesterday The lady from the Dept. of Labor said that my degenerated disc disease was probably an existing problem. So I don't know if they are goin to approve it or not. Even though the physician both at work and my private physician deemed it work related. How can they deny it when I had employees who saw it, and my supervisor wrote it up, my physician wrote it up, and the physician at work wrote it up as a work related accident. Why does the Dept of Labor make me feel like the bad guy? I didn't go into work and think, Oh I think I will hurt myself today. What can I do, help me please. I tried being honest and doing what they tell me. I don't prctice to be deceitful, but freinds tell me to hire a lawyer. That sad when you give 13 yrs of your life, always there when needed and then when you need them they leave you, blame you, and tell you that they don't care. Make me feel like a bad guy. I am sorry that I ever got hurt.

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