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depressed Posted At 18:18:19 06/27/2001
Can you still claim comp if you where not on the job,as far as herniated dics. I drive a truck went to the Doc 2 weeks back,because my back was bothering me.Doc said it may be muscle spasm,get an MRI. I worked three days after the appointment in pain,the forth day I call the boss an said I could,nt make it in my leg was giving out.Being that I was,nt on the job will I be able to collect comp,or am I in for one heck of a ride. I did get a lawyer,and he is unsure if comp will fight it.Also I had a back injury 4 yrs back with a different company with a back sprain ,no MRI'S where taking at that time. I live in ILL. I think my careers over in trucking.
Thefer Re: Question? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 21:53:56 06/28/2001


Last time i checked the point of getting workers comp means you have to be injured on the job. Which means it has to happpen on the job. Not at home. IF the injury happened at work, then claim it, but with a previous back injury. I would make sure you have a lawyer there. Cause you will be fighting a losing battle. The inital injury or aggravation needs to happen on the job. What i am currious is that after you went to your appt, and he wanted an MRI. You should have asked or requested time off if you can't work. When i had problems with my back at work. A MRI was ordered and i couldn't return till they had seen the results.. Good luck if you get comp, but from what i hear, you are in for one heck of a fight.
depressed Re: Question? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 17:58:20 06/29/2001

Well I think another week an I should hear something,yea you may be right but I will sure fight it.I'm in the fighting mood,it's funny what pain does to ya
Bob Re: Question? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 13:08:35 07/01/2001

Hi Depressed.
Sorry to hear about your problem. i dont aqree with your replies here. i am currently injured, and i live in Il also. being a truck driver presents a new outlook on this, when do you believe you were injured? was it on the job, going to work to get your truck. enroute to a shipper or receiver, when exactly did it accure if you know? im not a lawyer, and i dont play on TV, heheheh. but i do know what my atty. has told me. and he said if i was injured while traveling to yard to pick up truck, EMPLOYER is responcible, for one simple fact, my employer requires his trucks to be left at yard!!!

let me know how ya do, we can bounce our problems off each other, i have a good story to tell ya, but i have to be careful, because of my law suite i have going. you wont believe whats going on here.

Michael W. Beck Re: Question? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 06:52:26 07/04/2001

Absoluty It could be job related.I drove a truck to for living.
I fell off my steps on a sunday. Went back and worked monday. I noticed a little
pain in my right butt cheek.By the following friday I could barly walk and I
couldn't urinate.I almost lost my leg.
depressed Re: Question? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 21:31:40 07/04/2001

thanks for the feedback
The problem is I really can,t say when it happen,but feel it's job related.
I have had slight pain in the butt cheek also but just blew it off.It just keep getting worst and I work until I could'nt stand the pain down the leg.
I hav'nt heard anything yet from comp,its been almost three weeks.I hope the lawyer's good.I'd sure like to here the story of yours Bob.

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