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Rich Posted At 14:59:10 06/28/2001
Thank You for the information I will read all of it.The first exposure was over a year ago and there were more after that because my company wouldn't move me to another building per my oncologist request.I have been very sick since the first exposure abnormal blood counts(low),fatigue,aching,shortness of breath,chest pain,weak,lightheaded,hands shaking and trouble concentrating and making quick decisions(driving).After three bonemarrow bioposy's my oncologist thought I had Myelodysplastic Syndrome and was wanting to do a bonemarrow transplant but first he wanted a second opinion and sent me to the Mayo clinic who after another bioposy wasn't 100% sure if I had Myelo.Syndrome "at this time" and to keep monitering my blood counts monthly until something changes.My neurologist is trying different medications for my daily headaches but Lortab is the only one to help so far.Sorry this is so long,has anyone heard of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity?I just found it last night under chemical exposures it seems to me this might be what I have because no doctors can give me a diagnosis at this time,again Thanks.

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