People, "NO FAULT" is the key word..!

Author Subject: People, "NO FAULT" is the key word..!
Retired Posted At 04:46:00 07/01/2001
Chris M, Watchdog, Old Timer, If only you really had a clue.!

You see the average person or worker is lead to believe that Workers compensation is
different in all 50 states. I hate to tell you the Ignorant ones preaching that bogus info, but that statement is so far from the truth. Let me key you in, let's see if you can
understand something. Let me take the Ignorant on a little reality check..! Case in point..! THE WORD "NO FAULT" is a word for the sheep like ones to confess the
whole truth to the Employers, when only in turn the WORD "NO FAULT" was created to mislead rather than to help..! You see the Employer knows that on every job
everyday the Employee will "SIN" this
is the upper hand in this Imperfect world yet the "NO FAULT" is the key so you will let your guard down..! workers compensation was designed to basically do (2) very
important steps to kill your Claim..! THE deposition
Process starts the very second you run your mouth this is just like being in court yet you were never their...! (OR) Next you hire a lawyer to take you for the ride of
your life and your wallet in the end, if the court thinks your claim was bogus you end up paying all the legal fees..! yup..!
ALL those laws you quote are bogus...! the only thing that anyone WORKER will feel the most pain is the "CLAIM DENIAL PROCESS" WAKE UP....!

P.S. When that happens get out the wallet..??(do not be a "fool") you can not win- the *US-GOV court system, will take you on the ride of your life (ALL CAN LIE )
BUT "you" cannot..!

P.S. Do you know the most famous trick by your, "REHABILITATION"-MAFIA/GOV/EMPLOYER. since all are involved, If you can make it to retraining
the Rehabilitation expert will claim you did not cooperate & get passing grades this in turn is staged so your EMPLOYER can get out of paying the longer length
of time on your rehab then your history...! OH so many tricks people in the end you never win IF THIS WAS SUCH a great system we would not be here talking..!
message boards like these are staged by the goverment to feel out the people to see how stupid they are so I like to stop the corrupt (how did you like your "LAWYER"

P.S. (CHRIS) stop & think what you just wrote. "NO" FAULT" >>>First off, workers' comp is a no-fault system so worker negligence is not a factor <<rare instances in Oregon (in practice) such as being drunk, stoned, etc). Insurers can't claim negligence otherwise but then they don't need to because they've found
other deviously creative ways to deny/re-close claims to get around "no-fault." Before the "Smothers" decision (and still in all but a few states) the negligence of an
employer also had no claim effect due to exclusive remedy.

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