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Bob Posted At 13:08:35 07/01/2001
Hi Depressed.
Sorry to hear about your problem. i dont aqree with your replies here. i am currently injured, and i live in Il also. being a truck driver presents a new outlook on this, when do you believe you were injured? was it on the job, going to work to get your truck. enroute to a shipper or receiver, when exactly did it accure if you know? im not a lawyer, and i dont play on TV, heheheh. but i do know what my atty. has told me. and he said if i was injured while traveling to yard to pick up truck, EMPLOYER is responcible, for one simple fact, my employer requires his trucks to be left at yard!!!

let me know how ya do, we can bounce our problems off each other, i have a good story to tell ya, but i have to be careful, because of my law suite i have going. you wont believe whats going on here.


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