employer had no w/c insurance

Author Subject: employer had no w/c insurance
Bob Posted At 13:28:12 07/01/2001
Here's a good one for you all to chew on a while.

I was injured, "on the job" when i saw the er doctor, he said i should be refered to a neurosurgeon. well the neurosurgeon saw me and said he wanted an mri done right away. so off i goes to mri land. 3 hours later, and 2 shots of demerol to help with pain, he says "you have a herniated disk" and wants to operate the next day. so what can i say, lets do it. i get admitted to the hospital. My employer, who i will refer to as "LOSER" calls me the next day to inform me that he has no w/c insurance!!!! now what do i do?! my next call is to an attorny, he says he will come visit me in the hospital. i have a consultation with the atty. and he advises me to go aheah with, and he will start communications with LOSERS atty, which he does, and by the way, i am very happy with his efforts.

Anyway, i get home from surgery, and am slowely mending the wounds. well payday comes and goes, and no check. the LOSER is refusing to pay me. and everything else for that fact!!! so i call the atty, and he says he will take care of it. but i guess there is only so much he can do right now. it seems the LOSERS atty has requested my medical records in a stalling tactic. i will find out tommorow if i am getting paid, or if it will take another month and a half to get him into court to get paid.

meanwhile, i am setting here, and its been 3 weeks without any pay. the resources are all gone, and the srtess in the house is building. has anyone experienced this kind of treatment?? i would like to know.

Stressed out in Il.

Retired Re: employer had no w/c insurance (Currently 1 replies)
Posted At 13:42:10 07/01/2001

Well now this is the only time you should hire a lawyer. BUT I caution you
you still do not want to be @ fault..! SOME employers are not required to carry
workers compensation..!

P.S. Tell the lawyer, she/he" will have to get the ATTY fee's from the EMPLOYER for your case, or bag the lawyer your out of LUCK.!
Marty Re: employer had no w/c insurance (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 18:57:40 07/01/2001

Almost all states require an employer to be injured. Some have fines where the state gets rich and you may a few cents. Many states have other programs that cover a worker in these instances. In California a worker can seek compensation from the Uninsured Employers Fund. Since you don't say what state you're in, read through the statutes on workers comp and find out for yourself.
Never trust anyone completely to protect your best interests. Learn the laws yourself through the internet. This site has lots of good links to help you get started.
Stormy Re: employer had no w/c insurance (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 12:53:10 07/02/2001

First my reply goes to "Stressed in IL." Hang in there, it's got to get better eventually. Next to "Retired" from the other postings I have been reading you are not so retired and you are not so smart either. Who do you think you are coming in here and trying to intimidate, mislead, confuse, misguide and generally harrass injured workers?? You are so full of BS it is not even funny. And from what I understand you actually work for an insurance company! How interesting that you would have nothing better to do than to aid in making others lives more miserable. I wonder how you would feel if you got injured on the job and the insurance company you work for said, "sorry Charlie, we are not paying you a compensation check, we are not paying your medical bills you are on your own"?? How would you feel if you had to try to live with no income for weeks at a time? Most injuries on the job happen through no fault of the employee, YES the employer is responsible, yes he or she is responsible to make sure the injured employee is taken care of. They must provide a means to pay for the injuries either through "workman's compensation insurance" or a means of "self insurance". That is why there are laws for such provisions. You sir are a menace advising injured workers NOT to hire a lawyer. Of course an insurance company would make such advice, they know that an attorney would know the laws that govern the employer and the insurance companies however an employee may not have that knowledge and therefore it would afford the insurance company to get away with not making restitution to the injured worker. I urge everyone that comes into this forum to ignore your postings and advice!!

Next to Marty, first off he did mention which state he is in by signing "stressed in il". Secondly, while you are correct in that some employers are not required to carry "workman's comp insurance" in most states anything over 2 or 3 employess requires at the very least proof of means to cover a work related injury, if not then the full "workman's comp insurance". Yes learning the laws is vital for any injured worker to insure that their rights are being met. It is unfortunate that employers and insurance companies will twist the proverbial knife if given the opportunity to do so. When one is severely injured it is hard for them to deal with all the laws as well as the BS that goes on when all they should really be doing is taking care of themselves and striding for a full recovery.
Marty Re: employer had no w/c insurance (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 14:36:02 07/02/2001

Oops, I missed the Il Stormy.

State of Illinois http://www.state.il.us/
Industrial Commission http://www.state.il.us/agency/iic/
100 West Randolph Street, Suite 8-200
Chicago, Illinois 60601
(312) 814-6611, Fax: (312) 814-6523
Visit http://www.comp.state.nc.us/ncic/pages/all50.htm to download free fillable PDF (Portable Document Format) versions of Illinois workers' compensation forms courtesy of Interface Technologies

Office of Self-Insurance Administration
701 South Second Street
Springfield, Illinois 62704
(217) 785-7084, Fax: (217) 785-6557

I hope this helps Bob.

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