Kevin Mannix and the Oregon state bar

Author Subject: Kevin Mannix and the Oregon state bar
Webmaster Posted At 18:59:34 03/29/2000
Oregon State Bar

State Representative Kevin Mannix, violated conflict of interest laws with the writing and the passage of Senate bill 369 passed in 1995.
He did not state that he had a conflict of interest in any of the documents. The complaints that were filed with the
Government Standards and Practices office on May 16, of 1996 against Kevin Mannix, were obviously covered up at the commission level.
There were no minutes of any testimony, or a tape. In the minutes that are available, there is only a list of people who testified at the hearing:
Chuck Lundee from Liberty Northwest, Kevin Mannix and Jerry Keene. There were no summaries of what was said, or how the Commission came to their decision to dismiss.
The Commission was not following their own laws in record keeping for a special session.

State Representative Kevin Mannix violated "Federal Anti Trust Regulations", with the passage of Senate Bill 369;
by creating a "Naked Agreement on price" between Liberty Northwest and the State Accident Insurance Fund. Kevin Mannix,
was representing the Interests of Liberty Northwest and the State Accident Insurance Fund which are the two Largest Workers Compensation Carriers in the state.
He should have known being an attorney that this was in violation, with him writing the legislation of Senate bill 369.
With Senate bill 369 being an Agreement amongst companies, both companies realized monopolizing control over the Workers Compensation Insurance Industry.
This agreement allowed them to control and reduce the prices and benefits of the workers comp. Policies for all the working men and women around the state.
They achieved this by way of legislation and the taking of the constitutional rights of every worker that has been or might be injured on the job in the State of Oregon.
The State of Oregon and their insurance company, "The State Accident Insurance Fund", is in violation of insurance law, by not giving their policy holders,
which are all the working people in the state, covered by the State Accident Insurance Fund, a clear and concise policy, in which the policyholder would be
able to determine all the coverage that is available. This Law I believe is called "The Good Faith Law".

These are serious matters that are destroying innocent working men and women around the State, and basically all for the profit of the states insurance company,
which is suppose to be not for profit. However, after some investigation, it revealed that they made 444,000,000.00 in 1998, which was not returned to business or the injured workers.
This is a rather nice profit for a company that is suppose to be not for profit.
If you consider your organization as the people, who are fighting for what is just, fair and right in our great state, then I feel your organization should take steps against this man
for his abuses of office and the abuse and twisting of the law.

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Posted At 09:59:00 09/25/2000

To learn all the details on this and other shady Mannix actions visit Anyone But Mannix at

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