Something else most workers do not "KNOW"

Author Subject: Something else most workers do not "KNOW"
Retired Posted At 15:39:31 07/01/2001
Most- GOV+UNOCAL+ARCO+BP, ECT: Employers, carry the best money can buy
"WCI" that [pays for PTD] most EMPLOYER/CONTRACTORS, are not going to
carry PTD, only a limited version
that only helps you back to work..! NO" lawyer is going to tell you this only ME"..!

P.S. Lets say you just turned 50 you work for UNOCAL 20-30+ years you just
hurt your shoulder. In about 2-4 years UNOCAL will pay you off $500,000
+. NOW let's say your a sub-contractor working for UNOCAL on a PERMANENT
basis, & that very same thing happened to you. YOU would get ZIpppp..!
BECAUSE YOUR A CONTRACT EMPLOYEE not the same. This is why big
corporations contract out work to limit the wages paid & the liability..!

P.S. That's why most dangerous jobs are performed by contractors, not permanent
EMPLOYEES..! the expression "CONTRACTOR TRASH" is just that..!!!!!!!
Marty Re: Something else most workers do not (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 18:45:29 07/01/2001

Give us a break Retired. There is absolutely and positively no conceivable way an employee who received a shoulder injury is going to get $500,000+. This statement is so perposterous that it defies any realm of reality.

Maybe you can get off your hate trip and actually make a posting that doesn't in some way put down attorneys. It's clear at this point that your objective in all these same old thing posts is to get injured workers to forego an attorney which [you know] will result in them getting even more royally *crewed. How much are insurance companies paying you to post this BS?

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