The other old myth "confidentiality"

Author Subject: The other old myth "confidentiality"
Retired Posted At 16:46:52 07/01/2001
The other old myth "confidentiality" let me tell you this (LAWYER's AS I previously
discussed are exempt from being under oath but all so are OFFICERS OF the court.
NOW the only time "confidentiality" comes into play is your friends won't know
what's going on. BUT BOTH LAWYER's do, they get together with the judge they
to find out who's @ fault so IF your lawyer thinks you have a good shot @ winning he
will take your case W/O payment from you and proceed to get the money from the
other GUY ECT:..! but if they think your dishonest they can & will legally CLEAN you
with the judge helping..! remember your % of fault plays a " HUGE" roll in what you
will get..!

P.S. THE US-GOV/ECT: do not want you to understand how this system works
they have created a system that is smoke & mirrors to JOE public the guy who never get's hurt..! so as to get & keep the rumors going that all the people on workmans comp always clean out the EMPLOYER (THAT IS SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH..!

P.S. ALSO remember all the 60 minutes (or) 20/20 stories.
YOU will never see them INVESTIGATE THE US - GOVERNMENT & there
scheming ways.
they are EMPLOYER's, that Investigate these "STAGED" that's right ("STAGED")
Events. They allowed worker's to get PTD years ago with the assistants of the
Doctors/EMPLOYERS so to get the laws changed, workers comp stories to promote
the public awareness of how awful employees are (WHEN most of you know
Change the public minds in agreeing with them to change the laws on workmans comp..! KEEPING JOE never been hurt blind to what's really going ON"...!

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