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larry coldiron Posted At 21:50:39 07/01/2001
i'm not sure where or how you get all your information?
nor am i sure about all states? my work accident happened on november 2nd 1992.
i was working in delaware for a company in pennsylvania and my accident put me in a coma lasting 9 days plus left me totally paralyzed on my left side due to a brain injury making it necessary for me to wear a brace on my leg for drop fott and requiring me to buy two pairs of shoes in order get get one matching pair of different sizes.
my workman's comp carrier is in pa. and they have never denied even one treatment or test my doctors have asked for they have reimbursed me for every pair of shoes i've bought as well as a new wheelchair in just the last month. my hospital and rehab stay lasted one year and 3 months, every penny has been paid! i've never had even one of my comp. checks to be late even two days and i'm still getting them today almost 9 years later the only change has been they now send my checks once per month instead of every two weeks. my case was a third party lawsuit and yes you can win i did over 8 million dollars yes workman's comp gets repaid every cent they spent and the lawyers take their cut but all lawyers are not the scum of the earth you portray them to be nor are the doctors or even the insurance companies!
the venum you spew has scared many injured workers into thinking all states and cases are delined or disputed but they are not. just for the record my accident was 100% my fault as fault goes only there was one small piece of safety equiptment missing on the machine that crushed me and leaving me brain dead for 9 days. it took over 3 years to settle my case but in the end i won! your badmouthing every orginization in the country from employers to the government does not help any new injured worker in any state who might come to this board looking for help or answewrs to their questions.
retired, i'm sorry if you have been treated unfairly by the system in your state by your employer and your insurance carrier but everyone everywhere hasnt been treated badly at least i've not my employers were a great help in my case and bent over backwards to see that i got every penny i was able to get.
this forum should be used to help people not scare people!
only my opinions
Larry Coldiron

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