Re: Most workers need to know that SINCE 1988-1997 drastic reform to W/C has

Author Subject: Re: Most workers need to know that SINCE 1988-1997 drastic reform to W/C has
Watchdog Posted At 09:39:25 07/02/2001
Whats your point in your rambling, You seem to feel sorry for the employers while coming off that injured employees are nothing but a problem to employers.
The people that visit this forum always get a kick out of someone who makes postings that don't make sense including me.

It's more that obvious that you are connected to an insurance company.
You are very onesided, typical.

You say that injured workers are wasting their time by hiring an attorney
has it accured to you that insurance companyies have lawyers working with them, Is this fair, according to you it is.

I feel sorry for people like you, they come in here and tell people that have been injured and thrown out like yestaredays garbage that there is nothing they can do and should just accept what has happended to them and get on with their lives, If you are married and have children I feel sorry for them. People like you are bigots and are too stupid to see what is right in there face.

get out of here and go back to what ever rock you crawled out under from

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