Measure 81, Tobaco, Graft

Author Subject: Measure 81, Tobaco, Graft
Merle Campbell Posted At 23:49:48 03/29/2000
If Congress somehow gave themselves the power that the Oregon Legislature
is trying to steal from the citizens of Oregon they could overturn the
monetary awards against the lying thieving killer tobaco industry and
reduce the amount of any award to one dollar or even zero if they wanted.

Why should we give that kind of power to the Oregon legislature over our
Oregon State Courts?

Mega dollars will strip away any rights we have as citizens and be given
to the largest of corporations. Those that have paid for the political
hacks to get elected will have an open door to government. Those with
limited resources will be out in the cold. Like we are now!

We are moving to government bought and paid for by $lobbiest$, for the
insurance industry and mega corporations, at the expense of civil liberties
and the rights of the people of this state.

The playing field is steeply tilted with the corporations at the top and
the citizens of this state on the bottom. We have to charge uphill just
to be heard. As we move forward the Oregon Legislature is moving the goal
post further uphill.


Merle Campbell

Sid Republican Legislators - Servants of the rich....not average Oregonians (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 10:56:55 03/30/2000

Sure, the Oregon Education Association still tosses around some serious bucks. And the Associated Oregon Industries Political Action Committee can cut a big check. But when it comes to passing out the cash, few can rival Larry Campbell and the monetary gifts he's bestowed upon his fellow Republicans during the '90s.

Kevin Mannix $19,500 (Mannix was not a legislator for part of the 90's)
Gene Derfler $10,000
Lynn Snodgrass $20,200
Jeff Kropf $34,000 (this explains his trying to destroy safety regulations)

Altogether it totals $762,800 for all legislators. And this is just the donation$ legislators report. It's probably a tiny percentage compared to the money stashed away in hidden accounts in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland.

I got these numbers at

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