DEL: Glad you see that point>>> Even though you where probably tring to draw me out on this point..!

Author Subject: DEL: Glad you see that point>>> Even though you where probably tring to draw me out on this point..!
Retired Posted At 15:19:00 07/03/2001
Workers, (1) you better hope you have another INCOME coming in or this does not work PERIOD....! here's what you do about "UNSECURED ONLY" credit
"PERIOD that's it....! Do not pay anything "PERIOD" NEVER sign certified mail..!
never admit who you are over the phone. The person on the phone can legally serve you over the phone. ( IT's a long story )

P.S. THE only way this can work is if (1) your house is owner financed
or put your house in your kids name 18 years or above "WITH GOOD CREDIT ONLY". LAST YEAR the
GOV. passed a law that BANKS & INSURANCE companies can share Information about "YOU" from your car to your house are all in on
manipulating your House insurance so your HOUSE INSURANCE will be canceled, Sharing INFORMATION they will send you cards like we need to talk to you
( YOUR house INSURANCE company will do this" NEVER
call them back just make sure you pay your (HOUSE, ELECTRIC, GAS, PHONE, HOUSE INSURANCE, CAR INSURANCE,

P.S. This can only work with another INCOME. NEVER CALL A lawyer when you do this you just admit guilt & the process in the corrupt court system begins
A lawyer will..! If you hire him IS THE SAME AS "YOU" he is now you and they serve him which now is the same as serving you..! THE US GOVERNMENT
IS THE mafia their all being paid with your tax money to control you..! & the raping continues..! for the rest of your life..! either way you have to run or
put a gun to your head..!

Trust me this works you cannot ever go to court..! "PERIOD"
Del The rambling continues from "Retired." (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 09:59:25 07/04/2001


Draw you out? I posted that message to help workers yet now you use it to continue your incoherent rambling. Instead of using bandwidth of this site for useless, false, and misleading postings, perhaps you should take a vacation. I suggest Mount Rushmore. It's wonderful this time of year.

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