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Michael W. Beck Posted At 07:55:58 07/04/2001
I beleive all or most of us here have true stories. The problem is we are the the
falling tree's in the forest.We are cracking spitting apart and crashing to the ground but.
But like the tree we makes no noise.Because there's no one out there that's listening.
going to listen.
Like CA Insurance Commision who's who's job it is to over see all Insurance Company's
All but WC.
I know there's fraud out there.But those monsters are created by the crooked doctors and lawyer's
Doctor's go to school for years. Don't you think they learned enough to know the difference between
a injured person and one thats not or to what degree there injured.Of course they do.
But most company doctors went to different schools,or maybe they never went
because never find anything wrong.
So all you have to do is hire a lawyer because they know how to find those doctors that went to the other kind of school.
You know the ones who finds whats wrong right away.
So your best bet is ask around or call around and find your doctor.

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