WC questions about doc's/pay/etc

Author Subject: WC questions about doc's/pay/etc
Denise Posted At 11:26:45 07/04/2001
Hi. I've been reading all your posts and am glad you are here. Especially interesting was reading about IME doctors. Sounds exactly like what I ran into with the orthopedic I was sent to, for a first visit. The guy didn't ask me any questions about when I have pain, what things I can't do anymore, what happens when I stand or walk (knee injury)....didn't ask much of anything. The only thing he did to me was to apply very hard pressure directly on my knee cap (making me cry out and just plain old start to cry), wiggled the kneecap with excess force (no one to date have ever treated it so vigorously), poked my contusion very hard without asking if it was sensitive-it was, and asked me to walk down the hall. I don't even think he looked at my MRI films, as he came into the exam room about 3 minutes after me, and I didn't see the things when I left (I think they were already in a file folder). He released me to work 8 hours sitting (can't), 4 hours standing (really can't) and 2 hours walking (try not to walk this much during the entire day as it makes things worse). I didn't realize he did this until I got home. I did know he released me to light duty work (thinking maybe part time or something) and asked him to prescribe a cane because I can't do much of anything. He said no, so I asked again, stating that I can't even take my kids for a walk or go to the grocery store to pick up a few items. Anyway, he diagnosed me with something that on the internet I found is a degenerative problem. My problem was caused by an injury. MRI doctor stated signals in meniscus and that patella was well maintained. The disorder dx'd is a disorder of the patella. The patella wasn't even involved in the injury! What this guy said made absolutely no sense at all, and he hurt me...the affects lingering still, a week and a half after the visit.

I called the doctor 2 days in a row telling the receptionist that I needed to talk to him because I was experienceing tremendous pain and swelling (he hadn't prescribed any meds), and I could't bend or extend my leg, and was having pains where I hadn't previously. Finally he called back on the third day, and I was at PT. He told me to call him the next day. Instead I called WC and asked for a second opinion, as this just didn't make sense and because I was afraid to go back to this guy, he hurt me so badly.

Sounds like an IME, right? They have agreed to a new doctor, supposedly a knee specialist. My primary doctor has never heard of him. How can I find out more about him? I'll tell you now he is not going to hurt me! How do I make sure this new one looks at my MRI films? Can I request that he check in front of me and show me what he is looking at? Can I request that he designate on the report where on the MRI films he is getting his information? (they are labeled) I can't take anyone with me, but can I take a notepad and write down what goes on right in front of him? Are there any questions I should be asking him to protect myself in case he dx's the same condition or says I am capable of working (I am not-can't even take care of my family right anymore)?

Thanks for any advice. Another matter is that I worked for a school, and WC says they don't have to pay me after my school year ended. I can't work, yet no one is responsible? Was first told I was eligible for rehire next year (before the first doctor visit) and just got a letter in the mail saying I will not be recontracted next school year (this was the day after an interview with WC on the phone). Any implications to this that I might be missing as far as being covered for wages?

Thanks again.
Dan Re: WC questions about doc's/pay/etc (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 06:29:48 07/05/2001

Get a good lawyer who specializes in workers' comp. Stick to your guns and document EVERYTHING. Good luck.
phillip Re: WC questions about doc's/pay/etc (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 22:44:32 07/05/2001

My problem is almost identical to yours. Let me know by email what happens. Im going to look for a lawyer friday. jboy
Denise Re: second opinion coming up on Wednesday (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 10:25:30 07/06/2001

Hi. How is it similar? Because of what the doctor did? I finally found some things on the web about the doctor I am to see, and at least it looks like he knows his stuff. I have been thinking about writing up a report on what has been going on with what activities I am no longer able to do, when exactly I have the most pain, what happened after I saw the last doctor, etc. Anyone think this is ill advised? I would be giving it to the new doctor, as the forms they have you fill out don't really leave you room for a lot of information. Plus, if I write it out before hand, I won't be forgetting anything. I have been keeping a pain diary.....should I make a copy for the doctor?

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