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Author Subject: Re: If all of you workers write to the W/C board & ask for your
Retired Posted At 02:34:11 07/06/2001
Rick, my point to this INFORMATION, is that some EMPLOYEES have went to
DOCTORS APPOINTMENTS, (100 + times,) and after "EACH" appointment
"RICK" your doctor has to send a copy to the board. They do not because as I
stated before "YOU"
have to ask him to & make sure he does this, "IT's NOT THE LAW" until you ask, IF not "RICK" your INJURY
is not LEGALLY documented contrary to what your lawyer has told you..!
NOW "RICK" I'm sure you could go down to your doctors office & get all their
"LITTLE" notes and what have you..! "RICK you missed the BOAT & the point..!
IF every visit is not filed with the board your injury IS in jeopardy for
the later years, and @ settlement "TIME"

P.S. Now do yourself a favor & write the W/C board for your records, you
will need a PHOTO copy of your DRIVERS license sign & date that photo
send it certified, ask for "ALL" OF your records because their in on protecting the
employer..! MAN "SOME OF YOU PEOPLE ARE " naive"

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