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Author Subject: Re: If all of you workers write to the W/C board & ask for your
Denise Posted At 10:11:07 07/06/2001
Retired, I think your idea is a good one. Having a special needs child with a file, I have to check on that file regularly to see what is in it. In this case, you send a letter to ask for an appointment to look through the file, and make any copies you need while there. How do you do this with WC? You just send the letter mentioned, and they send you copies of it all? I'm just curious....I am pretty sure that my doctor sent a progress report to WC every visit as a way for them to get paid. I am actually picking up copies of my file there on Monday/Tuesday. I'll see then what's in his. My physical therapist has sent 3 reports to W/C, but not the reports from each visit. I just got copies of the PT reports, but am wondering if I should ask for copies of the reports for each visit that they fill out. I do like to have all documents and make careful notes. CYA (cover your a**) is a lesson learned through my child's situation.

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