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Author Subject: Re: If all of you workers write to the W/C board & ask for your
Retired Posted At 12:01:58 07/06/2001

P.S. Construction "CONTRACT workers are the highly INJURED & abused too produce huge profits usually in a not so safe (SAFETY VIOLATION ECT:) of a
"manner"....! This is what happens
to most workers & why. LETS say you work for a "CONSTRUCTION" company of 1,500 + employees, lots of "CLAIMS" coming in INSURANCE RATES
KEEP GOING UP....! high injury rate, & high death rate, & high dismemberment..!
types of work, TIMBER, OIL Field, STEEL building construction WELDER's
laborer, ECT:

No! in fact the EMPLOYER (OR) INSURER & the doctor speak on the phone continually, regularly & payment is done accordingly, EMPLOYER can pay freely
with no
Progress report (why because no worker ever asks) "ONLY" a vague INITIAL progress "REPORT" is ever generated and "SENT" to the board. I just want
everyone here to realize that @ every "VISIT" your doctor unless you ask to log down, HEADACHE'S, ECT:
and demand that this information to be log & sent by "CERTIFIED MAIL" on a "NEW" "PROGRESS REPORT" @ "every" visit and @ every visit it has to be sent
to the W/C board and STAMPED by the W/C board if not it just never happened..!

P.S. If you check your W/C "BOARD" file most of you will only see (1)
PROGRESS "REPORT" on file..! and some of your papers that are sent are "NEVER" stamped..... "EVERY" "EVERY" EVERY" ... piece of PAPER, if not a
has to be STAMPED with a mark like this. EXAMPLE: ( RECEIVED by W/C date 01-06-2000 ) ECT:

P.S. (VAGUE ) Not clearly expressed; inexplicit.

P.S. Something all workers need to "KNOW" when your paper work goes to the W/C BOARD it is only being filed.
Nobody is really "LOOKING" @ weather your getting screwed, that is why you have to make sure every "DOCTOR VISIT" gets log & SENT by certified mail
"AND" keep asking your doctor if he/ they sent it by "CERTIFIED mail, then you have to ask the "DOCTOR" for a copy of the "certified mail receipt,
so that when SETTLEMENT date comes or if you get shafted, you would then request a hearing. "THEN & ONLY then, does anyone ever "LOOK" @ your
paper work on "FILE" this is were most workers get shafted right in the beginning.

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