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Retired Posted At 16:12:45 07/06/2001
Linda if your husband was a contract EMPLOYEE/temp ECT:
And the scaffolding was not up to code..! Example: Tie yellow ribbon around
the old "TOP post...! INSTEAD OF "BOARDS" OSHA approved standards..! Employer will look
@ you like W/O saying have fun trying to sue me for GROSS Negligence. I did not build it or tell you to get on it. FACT is this "maybe" your husband knew if he
did not get on it he would get fired????.! (NO WIN SITUATION)????

P.S. Either way the "FORMAN" / EMPLOYER would have to like your husband,
sorry fact of "LIFE", also your HUSBAND should have or in this case nicely, ask to get checked out. Then proceed with
caution if the employer thinks, "that's right" "THINKS" your out to screw them, "CLAIM IS "HISTORY" documentation with the doctor you might get LUCKY..!
YOUR HUSBANDS FAULT" sorry your EMPLOYER will not help..! (won't even start the documentation part)

P.S. Behind your back the EMPLOYER depositions, FORMAN, & EMPLOYEES about
what happened sorry if nobody likes your old man...! down the road again..!
not to make fun that's life...!

P.S. Gross negligence is hard to prove, "IT WOULD HAVE TO CRAWL UP THE CHAIN OF COMMAND" most of the negligence would stop @ a forman or
another employee or yourself. You would have to video tape your life on the job everyday & catch THE "EMPLOYER" in a "SCAM" or telling off another Employee. Ya! right like
BILL GATES "HIMSELF" IS going to tell off (1) of his employees, get screwed,! try maybe the "forman" not the employer.! "WORDS" are the "key"

P.S. EMPLOYEE CAN NOT SUE "EMPLOYER" key fact: they really are
"EXEMPT" unless you can prove gross negligence. Now stop and "think" what
about all those REGULATION's they print, Employer this, Employer that, aren't
they responsible for my INJURY" No! guess again..! BOTTOM LINE IT
is really a freedom of choice on the EMPLOYERS side, they will take their chances
if they know your @ fault...! SAFETY & honesty play a big roll in this..!
"NO FAULT" is a totally bogus word so the employer gets the facts they need while
you believe you will get treatment anyhow..!

P.S. But you can sue a third party..!

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