MRI films kept by doctor???

Author Subject: MRI films kept by doctor???
Denise Posted At 07:28:14 07/07/2001
Hi. I had an MRI done through WC, and was handed the films at the MRI place and told they were mine, and not to lose them as they would cost such and such to replace. My treating doctor did not want to keep them. I was sent to an orthopedic doctor, and when I asked for the MRI's was told I couldn't have them. Hmmm. Sounded pretty fishy to me. I ended up calling WC to get a new doc, because this one really hurt me and aggravated the injury. I was told to pick up my MRI's as I would need them. Tried it, and was told that WC had to release them???? Wat the heck is this all about?? Well, WC did release them, but I do not want to let the next doctor keep those films. Do I have to leave them there? I am in NJ if that makes a difference. Also, I have a question about how these films are used. Anyone who has seen an orthopedic doctor...does the doc look at the films on his x-ray light that is in the exam room, or do they look at them outside of the room. I did not see my doc looking at the films, and there wasn't time between when I was ushered to the exam room and when he came in. I did let WC know this, and about the injury the doc caused, which is why they agreed readily for me to see someone else, I think. Or maybe that is just my right. They said it isn't normally done, but who knows. Thanks

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