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Theresa Nelson Posted At 18:38:19 07/07/2001
Hello. I hope someone can please enlighten me on the laws in Idaho regarding Workman's Compensation.

My husband injured his back on the job Friday, June 29, 2001. After icing it Sat. and Sun. he called his boss on Sunday night stating that he needed to see a doctor and wouldn't be in to work on Monday. His boss told him to keep ice on it throughout Monday and get back in touch with him Monday night. My husband complied with his boss's direction. My husband contacted his boss on Monday night still complaining that his back hurt badly and suggested again that he see a doctor. His boss referred him to his personal friend who is a Chiropractor. Chiropractor has been treating my husband. He will have received 4 treatments by Monday, July 9th. Per the instruction of the Chiropractor, my husband has been out of work since 6/29 and is not scheduled to go back to work until 7/16/01. When my husband inquired about Workman's Compensation, his boss offered to pay for all the doctor visits and treatments, but did not offer to compensate him for any work missed nor did he offer an insurance form to my husband to fill out.

Is my husband's boss trying to skip out on reimbursing my husband's salary? And how much of his salary is my husband entitled to? Can we file a formal suit on this man if he doesn't even report this incident to his insurance company and instead "makes a deal" with his friend the Chiropractor?

I am afraid that we as a family are about to "get the shaft" on two weeks salary because my husband's injury forced him to be out of work. Sorry for the bitter attitude about this, but can anyone help us to understand how Idaho law works regarding Workman's Compensation?

Thank you in advance...

Theresa Nelson
Retired Re: Workman's Comp in Idaho (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 01:40:50 07/08/2001

Workers comp insurance laws for Idaho

Workers comp payments
Percentage of wage a worker will receive while on disability (temporary or
permanent): 67 percent
Temporary disability
Maximum period a worker can receive payments while on temporary disability: 52
weeks, thereafter 60 percent of SAWW for duration of disability

State mandated minimum payment per week: If 67 percent of the worker's weekly
wage is less than $205.20 (45 percent of SAWW), the worker receives $205.20.

State mandated maximum payment per week: If 67 percent of the worker's weekly
wage is greater than $410.40 for the first 52 weeks (90 percent of SAWW), the
worker receives $410.40 (90 percent of SAWW) for the first 52 weeks. Thereafter,
if 67 percent of the worker's weekly wage is greater than $263.60, the worker
receives $263.60.

SAWW=State's Average Weekly Wage

Marty Re: Workman's Comp in Idaho (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 00:02:14 07/15/2001


Verify elsewhere anything "Retired" says. He's been giving false information. Idaho must have their statutes on-line. Verify that Retired didn't change anything even though it looks like his post at least in part might have came from there.

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