Workers compensation does not work. CHECK it "OUT"

Author Subject: Workers compensation does not work. CHECK it "OUT"
Harvey Posted At 12:17:58 07/08/2001
'Workers' Comp doesn't work'
By Judi Cheng

About 50 demonstrators protested outside the Workers' Compensation Board in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Dec. 8. They included Chinatown work ers from garment factories, transit, construction, asbestos removal and others who have been injured on the job.

They charged the Workers' Compensation Board with corruption and neglect of injured workers' right to adequate and timely compensation.

Commonly, claims for compensation and medical treatment are denied to workers until they can prove that the injury was work-related. The burden of this proof is on the worker.

The employers' insurance companies automatically challenge 98 percent of all workers' claims. Typically it takes anywhere from three to six years to resolve a case.

Protesters chanted: "Broke my back the other day. Workers' Comp said go away."

Krzysztof Dobrowolski and other injured workers spoke at the rally. Dobrowolski was a demolition worker who fell through a roof and suffered head and back injuries. Suffering from seizures and chronic pain, he has been unable to work since his accident in 1994.

After five years, the WCB decided against his claim and closed his case.

The demonstrators called for a workers' commission to investigate the insurance companies and the WCB. The demonstration was organized by the National Mobilization Against Sweatshops.

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db55 Re: Workers compensation does not work. CHECK it (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 18:57:25 07/09/2001

Do you know the actual facts of any of the cases mentioned in the article? It would seem that you are only getting one side of the story from the article.
Walt Re: Workers compensation does not work. CHECK it (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 06:20:30 07/18/2001

In religious affairs, to put the conscience of another upon the spit and roast it to a
nut-brown discomfort

What people call insincerity is simply a method by which we can multiply our

On a final note, each insurance company has it's own specific definition of
disability. This is an incredibly important factor in choosing policies. In
general, insurance companies define disability as the inability to perform the
insured's OWN occupation. However, other companies require for the
insured to not be able to perform ANY occupation in order to receive
disability income benefits. The ramifications of this can cause a person
incapable of their occupation to be forced to change job fields rather than
receive benefits from the disability income policy.

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