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Author Subject: House Revenue Committee:Saif Corp
webmaster Posted At 21:25:51 04/04/2000
The House Revenue Committee will be talking about SAIF and the insurance
industry in Hearing Room A of the Capitol in Salem, from around 8:40 am to
12:15 pm on Thursday, Apr 27. I'm not sure if there will be public
testimony taken.

Insurance matters, such as profitability of private insurers and SAIF
policies on dividends, have a direct effect upon premium rates charged to
employers, which in turn, sadly, affects benefits available to workers.
This could be an interesting sneak preview of what the moneyed interests
are planning for workers' comp for the 2001 Legislature.

Bill Some Info about Saif Corp, owned by Oregonians (actually by the rich and powerful) (Currently 2 replies)
Posted At 14:28:45 04/14/2000

Workers’ Compensation Coverage for State Agencies

State Law requires state government to insure its workers’ compensation liability with SAIF {see ORS 656.017(2).}
SAIF is a public corporation evolved from the former state accident insurance fund.
DAS-RMD (Department of Administrative Services-Risk Management Division) is responsible for the procurement of workers’ compensation insurance from SAIF on behalf of all state government agencies {see ORS 278.405(1).}
State agencies are covered under a single workers’ compensation insurance policy.
SAIF has designated a team to service the state account. This "Oregon Team" includes: claims adjusters; loss control consultants, return to work specialists and an occupational health nurse.
Who Does What?
» SAIF investigates, adjusts and pays state employees' claims.
» SAIF bills DAS-RMD for claim costs plus expenses monthly.
» DAS-RMD pays SAIF from the Insurance Fund.
» DAS-RMD allocates the cost of coverage among state agencies annually.
So, each state agency is responsible to:
» implement safety programs which comply with applicable OR-OSHA regulations;
» pursue loss control activities to reduce the risk of injury or illness and minimize disability to state employees;
» organize systems for claim reporting, incident fact finding, process or practice correction and hazard abatment
» instate Injured Worker Management programs;
» control the cost of loss due to work caused injury or illness.
Here is information on SAIF's Oregon Team. Learn more about SAIF
by visiting their website at
Tom L Re: House Revenue Committee:Saif Corp (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 10:58:09 04/15/2000

Hi Bill

How are things at Saif Corp these days. Probably a little nervous about the
Terry smothers case along with WI's ballot Initative and the Major
contributibuting cause study due out this fall, I would think the tension
level at Saif Corp is becoming quite high by now.
We do however value your input and opinions, Are you user 102@saif.

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