I "NOW" officially agree with Retired.

Author Subject: I "NOW" officially agree with Retired.
Watchdog Posted At 16:21:38 07/10/2001
Insurance companies S*CK...
db55 I "NOW" officially agree with Retired. (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 16:23:10 07/10/2001

ME..! TOO...!
db55 Re: I (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 17:49:07 07/10/2001

That is quite interesting that someone chose to use my screen name to respond to this post. I do not think insurance companies s*ck as a matter of fact if you haven't figured it out by now I work for one. I am proud to say that I am in the adjusting filed and have been for over 18 years. I firmly believe that the workers compensation system is designed to benefit all parties. The system is not designed to give one party more power over another.
So whoever is now using my screen name please discontinue doing so. If you want to discuss an issue with me leave a civil post and I will respond to it.
Watchdog Re: I (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 00:04:06 07/11/2001

I don't know who you are retired or is it now Bobby, but don't use my name in here to make postings, I don't officially agree with you on any posting you have made. I think you are a few sandwiches shy a picnic.
Your posting don't make sense.

Jeff Re: I (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 00:29:30 07/11/2001

db55!! I can only hope that someday you recieve an injury that puts you flat on your back. I do not wish any injury on you but it's the only way to get people like yourself to WAKE THE F#CK UP!
The system abuses more people than the people abuse it. I know for a fact that my BWC Rehab Program Provider is ripping off the system. Funny thing is the BWC isn't checking into it. $5000.00
is being paid out for services that are not being rendered. Many of the people I have spoken with from the OHIO BWC have expressed their oppinions about the system and they agree the system
is destroying peoples lives. Bottom line is, your not going to speak out against the system because your part of the problem. If the system is so great why is it that anyone that works for the
Workers Compensation System never gives out their LAST NAME?
Retired Know I knew I would exspose this board it's full of Insurers that pretend their talking to another person changing their own name now "WE" all know who you are..! (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 02:09:04 07/11/2001

LATER guy's this is a INSURANCE company SPAM board full of BULLSH*T.
You will only be lied to HERE. DO you notice how some people ask certain
questions about their CASE, " db55" does not respond, because they really do not want to help. They do respond to the phony case they have CREATED themselves
they fabricate CASE's to act like there talking to some people. Your all being manipulated to believe workers compensation works. I know I'm a pro H**cker "prove it
INSURER I did not say the word it's only your imagination.

P.S. People "ALL LAWS ARE written for the EMPLOYER & INSURER & big business...."PERIOD"
I truly know how it works "DO NOT GET INVOLVED" IF you have a death & Dismemberment policy Go to your doctor (1) that's it,..... The one & "only" very first
"TREATING" doctor, that's it & remember this IF they lie "YOU
CAN sue them $500,000 max., you will never see the first doctor lie about
your Injury. They will (MANIPULATE) or try to persuade or trick you to go to a second OPINION..! Remember this as long as you make your doctor file every report
certified mail. They/INSURER will not be able to cut you OFF but remember this every 29 days they will pay up & they can legally get away with it, also remember this
IF you think the insurance company is screwing you over "THEY ARE" they LEGALLY can.....It's like this "LAWYER'S write these bogus laws.... EXAMPLE:
giving "CREDIT CARD COMPANIES THE right to call your "JOB" and screw with you hoping you will admit to who you are "HEY" F*ck them.. later I'm gone
you all have the knowledge study the laws & learn to read between the lines
It's not the way you think..!

P.S. db55 & watchdog are all the same writer...also anytime you see PRO INSURER conversations going on it's the insurer ,anyone who has dealt with workers
compensation should know this... by "now" or else we would not NEED boards like this if every thing was "ROSY........ f*ck off ((( db55 ))) & CLONES...!
db55 Re: I (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 15:28:06 07/11/2001

First off I am not "Watchdog" and have no connection with him or her. As for "Retired" it is interesting to note that when someone attempts to make intelligent conversation with someone like you the first reaction is to tell them to F#CK off. Did I ever personally act you? No. I agree that not all insurance carriers or adjusters are on the up and up but in the same vein not all of them are out to "screw" the injured employee. I firmly believe the workers compensation act is self executing for all parties. I handle claims in Florida and personally I think the rating system does not benefit the injured employee. The problem is I did not write the statute but only work within it. The problem is the legislation. They are the ones that write and approve the statutes not you and I.
db55 Re: I (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 15:29:23 07/11/2001

Watchdog....It seems like me and you both have the same problem in that some else has chsoen to use our screen names to make negative posts. Now I am being accused of being you.
db55 Re: I (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 15:35:12 07/11/2001

Jeff....Just so you will know I have had an on the job injury before involving my back. I for one would never wish this on anyone. I still have problems with it from time to time but am back at work every day. To be honest I do not give out my last name as I fear retribution from injured employees such as "Retired" and/or "Bobby".

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