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Jeff Posted At 00:29:30 07/11/2001
db55!! I can only hope that someday you recieve an injury that puts you flat on your back. I do not wish any injury on you but it's the only way to get people like yourself to WAKE THE F#CK UP!
The system abuses more people than the people abuse it. I know for a fact that my BWC Rehab Program Provider is ripping off the system. Funny thing is the BWC isn't checking into it. $5000.00
is being paid out for services that are not being rendered. Many of the people I have spoken with from the OHIO BWC have expressed their oppinions about the system and they agree the system
is destroying peoples lives. Bottom line is, your not going to speak out against the system because your part of the problem. If the system is so great why is it that anyone that works for the
Workers Compensation System never gives out their LAST NAME?

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