Was Tuesdays Pre-MLAC Meeting Secret

Author Subject: Was Tuesdays Pre-MLAC Meeting Secret
Advocate Posted At 12:37:14 01/05/2000
Yesterday Governor Kitzhaber And Senate Majority Leader Gene Defler meet
with Three Members of Labor, Tim Nesbitt, Bob Shiprack and Ken Allen but no
where in the AP wire new flash does it state who is on the Management side.

late last year the Governor Fired the members of MLAC, And on 10/16/99
the Governor stated that he wants to get the right members to check the systems
"Fairness thermostat".

Gene Defler stated in the same report that he dosen't oppose "Tinkering"
with the states workers compensation system, but that Kitzhaber is trying to
go beyond simple changes. Defler through his leglislation has created a system
protecting employers from lawsuits from Injured workers thru Exclusive Remedy
throwing injured workers into a system that favors employers and insurance companys
and leaving the Injured with no recourse.

The Governor has kept the most Important people out of this meeting "The
Department of Consumer and Business servises", This agency regulates Workmans comp
in Oregon. It is because of Gene Defler and his reforms that have created a high barrier
for Injured workers to "Recieve the benefits the system was supposed to provide."

Kitzhaber and Defler addressed the group and gave them a pep talk. Why would labor want
defler to give them a pep talk when he has always been on the management side of MLAC.

I am questioning the credibility of the meeting and the Democratic process or lack of it
surrounding this meeting and why where the names of management kept secret.
Why didn't labor refuse to meet knowing that Defler would be giving his pep talk, I would resent
his being there and question the governor true intent on checking the Fairness of Workmans comp
in Oregon.

I would think that the power structure in Oregon be concerned that their process looks democratic and fair
given the fact that everyone who works for a living in Oregon has a stake in the decisions from this committee.
Also the state has said in past election years that not enough Oregonians participate in the election process
no wonder people don't vote because they feel that they have no voice in the Democratic process and that
Government is far removed for the voters who put these people in Office.

Concerning the Management Labor Advisory Commitee, Management has always tried to discredit labors position concerning
Workmans comp because billions of dollars are up for grabs, and it is Organizations like Associated Oregon Industries
who are protecting those billions thru saved premiums dollars for their member business, Is this a fair and Democratic
committee I question that process if the Governor allows a lawmaker to dictate to this group what "HE" expects, Defler is afraid
that all of his hard work against Injured workers will go down the drain if the Governor appoints concerned people that are looking out for the citizens
who are effected by the decisions of this group. I am not questioning labors position, I am asking that labor stick to their position
and question the real motives behind management. Injured worker can no longer afford to be kept out of a system that was supposed
to benefit them should they become injured on the job. I am asking that everyone who is concerned about the Workmans comp
system in Oregon and all those who contribute to this forum not only ask but demand an EAR and a VOICE in this Committee.
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Posted At 13:18:06 01/05/2000

I agree, we must do something!
As things sit now, it appears that alot of the so called new reforms that will be "tinkered" with, are going to be discussed behind closed doors.
What is that all about..I thought we were the voters and the injured that is supposed to have some opinion here. After all, it is our lives and our families lives that they are playing with!
Derfler has NO business appointing new members to MLAC! This is the govenor's position..unless this is another "political" move.
Well folks, here we go again..sitting back and watching who will make more money this time around..Will it be Derfler or the Govenor?? We all know it will not be any of us, because we are not allowed to speak our peace!!
If we do by some chance, we will be ignored, as we have been in the past..

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