David, a voice for justice, and not a lunatic.

Author Subject: David, a voice for justice, and not a lunatic.
Del Posted At 15:29:51 04/07/2000
I have talked to hundreds of injured workers who had a wonderful life, then found themselves completely helpless while their self-worth, pride, ambitions, emotional well-being, health, and the financial security they spent a lifetime building, came crashing down because of the deliberate actions of those involved in the work comp system. This system, in Oregon and elsewhere, is completely controlled by insurance companies and business interests'. There is no compassion for injured workers.
I cannot fault David for his "pouring out" of emotions. He is a "victim" of politics and the money incentives that dominate and control the actions of "so-called" representatives of the people, in particular the Republican Party. My party has "lost touch" with average citizens. I'm completely ashamed of their betrayal. We are no longer the party of Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, two great people who cared about "average" citizens.
This message board was set up, in part, so injured workers would have a place to release their anger and frustations at those who they "trusted" to do the "right thing", but instead either conspired against them, abandoned them, or completely ignored their terrible plight. Most of us will be deeply affected psychologically, for the rest of our lives, by the ruthless way we were treated by the workers' comp system.
It doesn't take a history buff to know that the ideals that this country was founded on, that being government "of and by the people", is not the U.S. we have today. Wealthy "special interests" control every facet of society, especially government. We are not free men and woman, only indentured servants of those who wish to take away our liberty and control our destiny.
I hope you, Sally, join WI's efforts to reverse the needless suffering occurring every day to good and decent working class people. I commend David for speaking from this heart. I'm certain, by his letter, that he has suffered immensely through no fault of his own.

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