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Gail Posted At 20:41:09 07/11/2001
I have been out of work since March 23,2001 with bi lateral Carpal Tunnel and cervial sprain strain. I had Carpal tunnel release surgery for both wrists the left release was done on March 23 and the right on May 10 along with extended physical theraphy for my wrists and left shouder cervical problems Before and after surgery. To date I am still out of work with nerve injury to the lunlar nerve (I think thats what its called) along with the median nerve injury in the cervical shoulder area. I have to date been going to the workmans comp doctors who have not given me a full release to return to work. I am seeking another doctor's opinion, who is a hand specialist in Phila. and have a appointment with him August 1. I am in a decent amount of pain and repeated use of the left arm, hand brings on the pain and muscle spasms. I found out that workmans comp has a private investigater following me which is not a problem as I'm not doing anything I'm not supposed to beside taking care of my children and food shopping, laundry etc. The problem is my job is listed in the help wanted section of the paper. I questioned human resourses and they told me they had to protect themselves as I have been out of work 3 months and the temps aren't working out. I was under the understanding they could not fill my position and must save my job for me when I get a full release from the doctor. I don't have a lawyer should I be seeking one or looking for a new job. is this legal?

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