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Old Timer Posted At 20:55:28 07/11/2001
If you read some of the prior posts on this board you will find that "Duley", "Bobby" and our favorite functional illiterate,"Retired", are all one and the same.

All "three" characters use the same writing patterns, mis-spellings and carry out the same inane screaming and smash-mouth tactics against anyone who dares to post an original thought or theory here. He/they appear to be very much in a "victim mode" and are paranoid to the nth degree. Try and find one of his/her posts that carry a complete thought, let alone a complete sentence that makes sense. I am sorry that he/she has had so much that is negative in their lives, even if what they say is only partly true. As a bonafide permanent-and-totally-disabled worker in Oregon I can understand his anger but he needs to take some remedial reading & writing classes in order to make his angry threats more understandable to all who read the posts here. Not one of his posts makes any sense and he comes off as a being totally irrational, illiterate and incoherent loser wrapped up a little too tight with his irate rantings.

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