Re: how long from injury can I apply for workmans comp?

Author Subject: Re: how long from injury can I apply for workmans comp?
Angie Posted At 17:05:11 07/12/2001
I've been at my job a little over two months now. Just last weekend I had to take off from work due to the fact that my back had went out on me. When asked did this problem occur at work, I replied no due to the fact that I was at home at the time that it happenend. I have not had any back problems up until the time that this happened. The job requires for me to do alot of heavy lifting and it's very consistent. A general day for me is to lift freezers, microwaves, vacumes, steam cleaners, big trash cans, totes, etc. I'm stocking this merchandise, sometimes I may have to riser it meaning if it is not enough room on the shelf to fill it I have to get up on a ladder at put them on the high risers. So what I want to know is
am I eligible for workers comp even though I was at home at the time it first went out on me. And even though I've complained telling my job that I can not lift any more heavy items because it's putting strain on me when I do I'm being told that is my job.

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