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db55 Posted At 19:52:47 07/13/2001
Denise...What state are you in? The IME/second opinion protocol are different in each state. I would suggest you call the adjuster and/or the
doctor and request a copy of the report he issued. Review it for any inconsistencies in the exam he gave you versus the report he wrote. Then tell the adjuster what really happened. They may not necessarily use this opinion to deny the claim especially if the mri results are inconsistent with the doctor's opinion. It is possible the MRI did not pick up your problem. This sometimes occurs when the problem area is behind the patella. Be patient and wait for the report. Then depending on your states statutes consider an IME or another second opinion. Was this last visit your or the carrier's choice of physician? To obtain more infor on your state's statutes go to
Hope this helps and everything works out for you.

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