injuryed and Terminated or code 16 Medical layoff (fired)

Author Subject: injuryed and Terminated or code 16 Medical layoff (fired)
Arlene Lumper Posted At 00:43:29 04/09/2000
I would like to say that L&I isn't going to get any where with there new ruling,for safety in the work place. 1. First you have to start giving BIG fines to these employers who don't even follow L&I ruling. Reference RCW 51.32.090. I'm out of a job (terminated) and perament damage has been done to both wrists and hands. 2.Get rid of these insurance co. that are hired by the company you work for. Their not on the injury persons side, there going to get the company out of paying any damages for your injury. They hire these whore doctors IME to say theres nothing wrong with you. And L&I believe it.Until L&I start monitoring these companies, there going to injury people and no one can stop them. This has happened to me 4 times.
My advance to anyone who reads this is, start a paper trail showing everything that has happened to you. Document everything keep a file by date, get statements from anyone who heard or saw you, being treated wrong.Take witness to doc appt. and have them give you statements. My lawyers have told me I'll win my case because I have a paper trail of 8 1/2 yrs on all the crap I went through. Find yourself a good L&I lawyer that will be there when you need him. They don't charge you unless you win your case. I have testified before the L&I panel when they were in my home town,I gave them a copy of my medical file, everyone need to keep records.
Write letters of protest to everyone at labor & Industrys. Until everyone who has been injuryed can do this L&I can't help you. They go on what the claims managers say about you. Who monitors the claims manager?? Who monitors the companies?? Until fines are given to these abusers there will be no justice for the injuryed. Thank you for your time.

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