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Denise Posted At 23:23:29 07/13/2001
Thanks db55. The exam was at my request, but the adjuster told me they tried to find someone who was a knee specialist....they did choose the Dr. I'm in NJ by the way. I have tried to find things written about specifics on WC laws, but everything just seems to be generalities. Very frustrating. I would go for another opinion, but am worried that they don't have anyone on their list who will do a better job. Would it hurt my claim if I went to someone privately? I know some people in the medical profession who may be able to suggest someone.

I did ask the doc's office how I can get a copy of his report when it is finished, and they said I would have to get it from the WC office. No other doc's have said this to me. All the others have given me copies, so I was thinking this was pretty fishy too. Maybe he IS one of the bad IME doc's that people are sent to by the shady WC co's people on here talk about. He was just soooo quick, and soooo smug. Maybe my first doc spoiled me. He was very caring and interested in helping. It didn't seem like this last guy was used regularly by my co. The adjuster had to look around to find him I think.

I'll try to call Monday to see if the adjuster has the report. I did mark down the times and what happened after that exam, because I was so stunned by it.

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