Post Surgery Release Hoop.

Author Subject: Post Surgery Release Hoop.
Thefer Posted At 17:45:19 07/15/2001

I hope i can explain this so its easy to understand. I had a Posterior Interbody Fusion on June 13, 2001. I went to my first post op visit he decided to wait to send me to work till my next vist on Aug 2nd. I was told at my first visit that at the Aug 2nd visit that i will be released to 20 lbs restriction and gradually start at 4 hrs a day gradually going up to 8 hrs a day. I was also told that around the 4-5 month post op that he is going to release me to lift 50 lbs. Which means i will meet the job description for my job and go back to my job. If this happens, i am at at greater risk of re-injuring my back. I was told that it takes 9-12 months for the fusion to fuse and he is having me lift 50 lbs that soon. If a resident drops his weight, i am screwed. Here is my questions?

1. If the dr is serious about releasing me at the 4-5 month post op visit to lift 50 lbs and go back to 8 hrs a day. I would lose the time loss cause i got release to 8 hrs a day.

If i decide to quit the job before i become medically stationary at 9-12 months post op. Can i lose my disability rating or do i get this either way? My lawyer said something to me about this rating since the condition was finally accepted for a hernaited disc and low back strain. Or am i better off staying with the employer that i got injured with till the very end, even if getting released with that weight can cause poss re-injury.

I know if i was able to work 8 hrs a day and just not being able to lift. I would most likely not quit till he released me to the 50 lbs.

The reason behind me quiting is that i know if i go back to work at 50 lbs this early or even at all, it would be a big risk to my back and the drs don't see it or understand. I am not seeing an ins dr. I live in Oregon. Any suggestions. Thanks, jenn

justin doty Re: Post Surgery Release Hoop. (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 18:12:15 07/25/2001

I don't know what kind of work you do but just ruptured a disc (L4) I didnt need to get it fused but I do know that everything you do In life consists of using your back.I had my surgery in march and I can't do alot still. If you can do the work do it just be damb careful otherwise, tralk to you Dr. about vocational rehab. It may not be what you want to do but believe me I have nerve damage and you really don't want that becuase it can happen'all it takes is for a disc to herniate . I hope this help you make up your mind.GOOD LUCK

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