Re: Was Tuesdays Pre-MLAC Meeting Secret

Author Subject: Re: Was Tuesdays Pre-MLAC Meeting Secret
Advocate #2 Posted At 13:18:06 01/05/2000
I agree, we must do something!
As things sit now, it appears that alot of the so called new reforms that will be "tinkered" with, are going to be discussed behind closed doors.
What is that all about..I thought we were the voters and the injured that is supposed to have some opinion here. After all, it is our lives and our families lives that they are playing with!
Derfler has NO business appointing new members to MLAC! This is the govenor's position..unless this is another "political" move.
Well folks, here we go again..sitting back and watching who will make more money this time around..Will it be Derfler or the Govenor?? We all know it will not be any of us, because we are not allowed to speak our peace!!
If we do by some chance, we will be ignored, as we have been in the past..

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