Retired (chuckster, rob, cory, bobby, etc)

Author Subject: Retired (chuckster, rob, cory, bobby, etc)
IWA Webmaster Posted At 16:24:55 07/16/2001
Retired (chuckster, rob, cory, bobby, etc) obviously has no intention of honoring his promise and is posting under other names. We will be taking additional actions.

It's too bad he's decided to "hurt" the very workers he claims he wants to help.

In the meantime, all posting coming from him will be deleted so you will find dead links to some messages along with an edited listing in the main index page.

Because of Retired we will switching message board software. It offers greater security along with immediate e-mail notification of each new postings and one-step deletion for innapropriate ones.
Stormy Re: Retired (chuckster, rob, cory, bobby, etc) (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 06:09:59 07/17/2001

Finally got rid of him I hope webmaster!! I felt back in the early part of July when reading a posting to my boyfriend that retired was there under more than one name trying to cofuse the legitimate people making postings in here. I am truely glad "retired" is out of here. Now maybe this forum can get back to doing what it is suppose to, helping the injured workers. Thanks for a job well done!!
Old Timer Re: Retired (chuckster, rob, cory, bobby, etc) (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 10:03:32 07/17/2001

Thank you. "Retired" has no place here. His posts were totally negative, impossible to understand and often full of nastiness and mean, personal attacks on other posters.

This has been my favorite workers comp site and his arrival was a huge disappointment for me and I'm sure, many others. Let's continue to keep this site positive and informative as well as a beacon of truth for injured workers everywhere.
Old Timer

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