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reb Posted At 22:15:32 07/16/2001
i understand that retired rambles,and is bitter re. the system
but please explain why you are cutting him off?
i can only assume that you have masters you answer to that direct your
independent actions.
please explain what's to fear?
or is it that you just want to control free speech?
what do you fear?
he seems to care about the injured worker as much as anyone on this site.
for those that don't like his rants, don't read them.
cutting him off destroys this site's credability.
Webmaster Re: webmaster (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 22:42:35 07/16/2001

This forum has been created so individuals with an interest in worker compensation issues can connect and communicate with one another. We do ask that you try to keep to the topic of this forum.
Considering the real-time nature of this forum and its popularity, it's impossible for us to review many messages or confirm the validity of information posted.
We do not actively monitor the contents of this forum. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message. The messages express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the views of the forum administrators.

Rules of Conduct:

You may:

Enjoy yourself.
Challenge us with your questions and comments.
Release your anger at how the comp system has failed you and others.
You may not:
Use profanity.
Threaten or imply physical harm towards others.
Misrepresent who you are in the "Name" box. If you work for an insurance company show some integrity and state this in your posting.
Post advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or solicitations.
Post any URL's (web sites) unless they are related to our web site's subject matter.
Harass other users. You may "flame-on" ""if warranted"", but not needlessly.
Failure to comply with these simple common sense, common courtesy rules will result in the removal of your message. ""Repeat offenders will be banned from the system"". So, please be nice!

Enough Said.

Del Re: webmaster (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 00:35:41 07/17/2001


This entire Web site is solely run (webmastered) by two injured workers. Nobody beyond them and another injured worker and her husband who paid for the host for 15-16 months since Aug 98 have any say in our decisions.

Some visitors here may not know how bad things have been. We have deleted somewhere around 25 of Retired's most offensive posts (they've been backed up). He has posted under 7 different names so far. Two days ago Retired had 6 posts in a row and the subject lines were two to four lines each. (main index page) None of them could be considered useful to workers. It was the same ol' giberish and insults.

As explained above by the other webmaster, Retired has violated most of the rules of this board. We allowed this to go on for 9 days. From 7-4 to then there were 350 posts. (2,031-2,381) I figure about 50% were his and at least 25-35% were others relating to his messages (such as telling him to leave)

Until your post, (it appears) the only posts defending him were by him under various names. Beyond checking ip numbers, visitors will crearly see that all these names were new to this board, the first-time post.

Since Retired came in, less visitors are coming here. It's a noticable drop and the first time ever over this many days. We let Retired alone for 9 days before stepping in after numerous complaints. We have a responsibility to those who come here for help, not to Retired who gives faulty advise (he implies that Alaska or California law apply to all 50 states, etc.), and other counter-productive error-prone postings that hurt people.

Stormy Re: webmaster (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 06:20:26 07/17/2001

Reb, I for one am very glad "retired" is gone. If you read back through the postings that are still there you will find at the very least his postings were untrue, confusing and misleading. He went beyond "voicing his opionion" and became harrassing and annoying. My boyfriend "Bob" and I have come in here for advice with his work related injury and were bombarded by "retired's" rantings. Unfortunately good advice fell short because of "retired". We stopped coming in for a while but are glad we are back now. I wholehartedly support and commend the webmasters for making the decission to end "retired's" rein of terror on this site. Thank you webmasters for a job well done!!!
reb Re: webmaster (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 19:17:05 07/17/2001

WM., Del, Stormy:
thank you all.
i understand your point.
thanks again for your quick responce.
i've allways been for the underdog even if the dogs a jerk.
this is a good site and i well assist cal. comp. injured whenever posible.

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