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bob Posted At 23:08:18 07/16/2001
does anyone have any problems with the si joint. just went back to Dr. today, and find out i have some si joint injuries, along with herniated disk, which i have had surgery, also have 2 damaged nerves. the si joint problem is becoming very painful, and is causing headachs, and nausia. i also understand that fusion may correct the peoblem, but the succes rate is about 50%, not to good!! im sure it will greatly hurt the quality of life.

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Posted At 19:08:18 07/17/2001

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Posted At 15:21:55 07/18/2001

Bob....Have they tried epidural injections into the SI joint? You are correct about the fusion being 50% successful. I have had a handful of injured employees do them and some are worse off than prior to the surgery. One of the main components to aid in the success of the fusion is for the person to stop smoking. When someone smokes it affects the fusion site from be abling to properly heal. Some doctors in Florida will not even do the fusion if the person smokes.
Hope this helps.

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