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Del Posted At 00:35:41 07/17/2001

This entire Web site is solely run (webmastered) by two injured workers. Nobody beyond them and another injured worker and her husband who paid for the host for 15-16 months since Aug 98 have any say in our decisions.

Some visitors here may not know how bad things have been. We have deleted somewhere around 25 of Retired's most offensive posts (they've been backed up). He has posted under 7 different names so far. Two days ago Retired had 6 posts in a row and the subject lines were two to four lines each. (main index page) None of them could be considered useful to workers. It was the same ol' giberish and insults.

As explained above by the other webmaster, Retired has violated most of the rules of this board. We allowed this to go on for 9 days. From 7-4 to then there were 350 posts. (2,031-2,381) I figure about 50% were his and at least 25-35% were others relating to his messages (such as telling him to leave)

Until your post, (it appears) the only posts defending him were by him under various names. Beyond checking ip numbers, visitors will crearly see that all these names were new to this board, the first-time post.

Since Retired came in, less visitors are coming here. It's a noticable drop and the first time ever over this many days. We let Retired alone for 9 days before stepping in after numerous complaints. We have a responsibility to those who come here for help, not to Retired who gives faulty advise (he implies that Alaska or California law apply to all 50 states, etc.), and other counter-productive error-prone postings that hurt people.

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